Coolest Music channels on Youtube

Youtube has become sound and accessible platform for anyone learning music. Plethora of options that it has varying from music education, music analysis as well as education on compositional aspect of music here are some of the coolest music channels on youtube.

  1. Rick Beato

Rick Beato has one of the best quality content when it comes to music and guitar in youtube. His analysis of songs on ‘what makes this song great’ or the ‘top x guitar/drums/keyboard/bass’ series are a joy to watch.

2. Adam Neely

Adam Neely is another youtube who keeps creating quality music content on youtube.

3. Tim Pierce

Tim Pierce is a legendary session guitarist and has played in thousands of records. His music lessons and demos are precious treasures for any music enthusiast.

4. Paul Davids

There are quite a few channels who have built an audience around fun and quirky content (often educational).

  • Kmac

Kmac is all about quality memes around music.

  • Rudy Ayoub

Humourous and quirky content

  • Stevie T

Stevie T is a legendary figure in youtube guitar community. His skills are top notch and he has his own audience of Stevie T kind of humour and quirk. But don’t get fooled by his mannerism and eccentricity he is a fab guitar player

  • Dines Jared

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